Welcome to the Great Puzzle Pursuit.

What is this adventure about?

With a passion for both ciphers and adventure travel we have created a unique experience designed to challenge even the best puzzle solvers. This is an Adventure that has been inspired by movies like National Treasure and the Davinci Code. We now proudly bring you a conquest that is both physical and mental in nature.

Marrying the technology of your smart device and your ability to decipher the clues, you will journey through popular sites in your city.

Many will not finish in just one day. Some will not complete the quest at all.

How do I start?

Once you have become a member you will unlock the puzzle to the first location. You can start the moment you join or plan a day in the future. We recommend you solve each location clue and enter the answer before traveling to make sure you are on the right path. You will be given a confirmation when your answer is correct.

This tour of our city can be completed by walking, biking, or running. We suggest you park your car at the first location and go from there. Once you know where to go you must travel to each location to discover a critical piece to solve each puzzle.

How can I win the cash grand prize?

At the end of the season join us for the free After Party where a randomly chosen team from those that finish will win the cash grand prize. This amount starts at $250(now almost $1,000), with a portion of each membership being added until the end of the season.

We thank you for joining us and wish you good luck!


*A final note. We have placed a search bar at the bottom of each page. Google will be your friend. We encourage you to use all the resources you have to discover the locations and the answers to these riddles. There will be ciphers that will test your patience and this is by design. If all else fails we do offer the ability to purchase all of the clues and hints for 1 low price but we encourage you to avoid this unless it is a last resort. Keep in mind these are just helpful clues and not the answers themselves.

Everything you need to complete this gauntlet has been given to you. The question is, are you up to the challenge?


1. Either a Single, Pair or Team Membership.

2. A Smart device with internet connection. *Data charges from your carrier may apply.

3. Recommend a notebook and writing utensil.

4. Sense of adventure!


* 10% of every membership will go to the Grand Prize Money

* Grand Prize will begin at *$250

* This is a series of 14 puzzles/riddles to solve.  You must solve all 14 to be entered into the Grand Prize Pool.

* You must first answer a location Question, and then go to that specific location and use something there to solve the Puzzle.