Can you decipher the clues for your chance to win?

     SEASON 1 has Ended but you can still complete the challenge for only $20!

On this fun outdoor adventure, explorers will decode cryptic clues hidden within historic locations found in Pittsburgh. A journey that is motivated by movies like National Treasure and The Davinci Code these fun outdoor adventure games were designed to challenge even the best puzzle solvers.

Can you decode this city wide Puzzle Hunt for a chance at winning the cash grand prize now approaching $1,000!

You may begin this challenge now or at any time requiring only your brain, a membership, and smart device. If you can complete this journey by September 15th 2015, join us for free at the After Party where one of our finishers will win the Cash Grand Prize live! But be warned, only 20% of those who have started have completed the adventure.

This is a trek that few can complete in just one day, some will not complete at all, do you have what it takes?